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XSBrowser DTD/XML Schema 2.0

The XSBrowser (XML Schema browser) is able to document / instantiate a given DTD (REC-xml-19980210) orXML schema (REC-xmlschema-1-20010502). The XSBrowser aims at creating a human readable document model from a given DTD or XML schema. The user needn't understand the DTD / XML Schema syntax.

As a main feature, the XSBrowser exploits human readable material contained in DTD comments and XML Schema documentation and presents it to the user who is interested in the meaning of XML documents. Only human readable material converts syntactical markup into meaningful (semantic) markup.

XSBrowser allows navigating an XML document model and creating valid XML instance documents using an HTML browser. Enumerated values are listed in a select box, i.e. completely structured and coded XML documents can be created by pure means of a computer mouse!


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